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Veterinary Care in Courtenay

Our team at Courtenay Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing veterinary care in Courtenay for your four-legged family members. We offer an extensive range of medical services to keep your pets healthy. These include:

    Prevention: Preventive medicine and wellness care, including physical exams, vaccinations, dewormers, and flea and tick prevention.

    Medical: The team at Courtenay Veterinary Clinic provides a range of medical and other comprehensive on-site diagnostic services. We also offer digital radiography, CardioPet, ECGs, and surgeries. We routinely offer surgeries, including ovariohysterectomies (spays), neuters, caesarian sections, bladder stone removals, foreign body removals and exploratory surgeries. We offer elective surgeries and more, please ask for more information.

    Internal parasite treatment and control: Ask for more information.

    Nutritional: We offer for sale prescription diets and treats. Special orders are available upon request, please enquire.

    Dental Health: The Team at Courtenay Veterinary Clinic offers oral health exams, digital dental radiographs, ultrasonic scaling, hand scaling, polishing and extractions when required. We also offer referral to board certified Veterinary Dentists when required.


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Pet Surgeries

Contact us for your pets’ surgical needs.

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