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Pet Dental Care Services in Courtenay

All cats and dogs are prone to dental disease. Dental disease is particularly prevalent in small breed dogs. Animals as young as 1 year of age may demonstrate dental disease. A thorough oral exam is part of our wellness exams and allows us to make recommendations for the health of your pet’s mouth. Courtenay Veterinary Clinic offers dental cleanings, utilizing digital dental radiographs to ensure tooth health below the gum line, an ultrasonic scaler and hand scaling, followed by polishing to ensure that your pets’ mouth remains healthy. Where required, we offer dental extractions or if desired, referral for specialty care.

Veterinary Dentistry

It is recommended to get your pet’s teeth and gums examined at least once every year to ensure they are in good condition. Dental disease is painful and the changes in your pet’s mouth can contribute to many disease processes. Routine dental health care can prevent extractions later in life. Oral care must include scaling below the gum line, 80% of dental disease is located below the gumline where it is not visible to the naked eye.

Dental Treatment

Visit us for routine dental check-ups and teeth cleaning services for your furry friend.

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