Courtenay Veterinary Clinic

We Care for Your Four Footed Friends!

Courtenay Veterinary Clinic, conveniently located in the heart of Courtenay, BC. We offer a full range of veterinary care for dogs, cats and other small companion animals. In addition to caring for your pets when they are sick or injured, we provide a full range of preventive and wellness care, including; prescription diets, parasite treatment & prevention products.

June is National Pet Preparedness Month! Are you prepared?

     June marks the official start of summertime, and while it may be a season when “the livin’ is easy,” June has also been deemed the month for pet devotees to ready their four-legged loved ones for the possibility of days when living is rough due to a natural disaster.

     Pet parents can defend the members of their fur family against flooding, tornadoes, wildfire and hurricanes by planning ahead. The American Humane Association offers the following list of essential items to pack for your dog in the event of an emergency:

  • To care for your canine companion’s nutritional needs, your preparedness kit should contain a 3 – 10-day supply of your dog’s regular food, along with plenty of water and food/water receptacles.
  • Store any medications for dogs with health concerns, your pet’s current immunization records and a First Aid Kit to address any injuries that might occur during a crisis.
  • A photo of your dog and a snapshot of yourself along with Spot will aid efforts to reunite you with your barking buddy if he or she becomes separated from your family.
  • A leash and collar will help to keep your dog by your side, and a pet carrier will act as a safe sanctuary for your pet as he/she is transported to safety. Let your dog become accustomed to his/her pet carrier with pet preparedness drills.
  • Store sanitary supplies, such as poop bags.
  • Make a list of family/friends who live away from the affected area, veterinarians, and hotels which accept pets. (Note: If your dog is not a small breed, check with hotels beforehand to ensure that they do not have size restrictions.)
  • Although they may not be must-haves, your dog’s favorite toys will give him or her a sense of security in the days following a crisis.