Courtenay Veterinary Clinic

We Care for Your Four Footed Friends!

Courtenay Veterinary Clinic, conveniently located in the heart of Courtenay, BC. We offer a full range of veterinary care for dogs, cats and other small companion animals. In addition to caring for your pets when they are sick or injured, we provide a full range of preventive and wellness care, including; prescription diets, parasite treatment & prevention products.

Parasite Prevention

     Unfortunately living in this beautiful place has one major drawback. We have fleas all year long! The Comox Valley doesn’t get cold enough to kill off fleas. Fleas thrive in our climate and while they become less active in the winter, they are still around. They are particularly noticeable in the spring and summer months. If your pet goes outdoors it is a good idea to keep them on flea control all year round so that they don’t bring fleas into your house.

     Fleas don’t live on your pet. They live in the carpets and furniture of your house, and outside in shady areas of lawns and gardens. They jump on and off your pet to feast from their blood supply.

     Be sure to discuss your pets flea care program each time you visit one of our veterinarians!
Parasites, like round, tape and hookworms are all serious health risks for not only your pets but yourself as well.  They are a zoonotic risk since they can transfer to humans. 

     The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is recommending that all pets be dewormed AT LEAST every 3 months!

     Don't be fooled by products sold in pet stores. They can be dangerous to your pets health. The products sold in veterinary clinics are proven to be safe and effective for both cats and dogs. They undergo strict testing and take into account certain breeds which may be sensitive to some medications.

      Call us at 250-338-7721 or come see us at Courtenay Veterinary Clinic to see which parasite preventative product is best for your furry friend!